This highly detailed repair manual covers all repairs and servicing. All technical details taken directly from the manufacturer can be found in this manual, It is the factory manual from the manufacturer. ZF MT–S 3105 REAR AXLE Component Technical manual is the same manual used by professional technicians, mechanics and workshops around the world.

ZF MT–S 3105 REAR AXLE Component Technical manual has easy to read text sections with top quality diagrams and instructions, will guide you through fundamentals of maintaining and repairing, step-by-step, to teach you what the factory trained technicians already know by heart. For that reason, you will not find it difficult to repair or to maintain some of the innovative features loaded on the vehicle when you have the manual. Using this repair manual is the true way to keep your vehicle working properly.


Publication No. CTM367 (01JAN06)


Models Covers:




Manual Covers:

Examples of Contact Pattern for the Gleason Gear-Tooth System
Lubrication and Maintenance Instructions
Wear Measurement – Multi-Disc Brake
Inscription on Model Identification Plate and Specifications for Spare Parts Orders
Conversion Table for Dimensional Units
Denomination of Standard Dimensions
Torque Limits for Screws

List of Tools (required Special Tools)
Illustrated Tables

1. Disassembly of Output and Brake
2. Reassembly of Output and Brake
3. Disassembly of Bearing Supports, Axle Insert (Type: DK) and Oil Pipes
3.1 Disassembly of Bearing Supports
3.1.1 Disassembly of Input-sided Bearing Support
3.1.2 Disassembly of Rearside Bearing Support
3.2 Separate Outputs from the Axle Casing
3.2.1 Separate Output (LH) from the Axle Casing
3.2.2 Separate Output (RH) from the Axle Casing
3.3 Disassembly of 100% – Differential Lock
3.4 Disassembly of Axle Insert
3.4.1 Disassembly of Limited-Slip Differential (D-1600)
3.4.2 Disassembly of Locking Differential (DHK-2400/DVK)
3.4.3 Disassembly of Drive Pinion
3.5 Disassembly of Oil Pipes

4. Reassembly of Oil Pipes, Axle Insert (Type: DK) and Bearing Supports
4.1 Reassembly of Oil Pipes
4.2 Reassembly of Axle Insert
4.2.1 Determine Shim Thickness for a Perfect Tooth Contact Pattern
4.2.2 Install the Drive Pinion
4.2.3 Reassembly of Limited-Slip Differential (D-1600)
4.2.4 Reassembly of Locking Differential (DHK-2400/DVK)
4.2.5 Adjust the Backlash, Bearing Rolling Moment and Bracket Width
4.3 Reassembly of 100% – Differential Lock
4.4 Mount Outputs to the Axle Casing
4.4.1 Mount the Output (RH)
4.4.2 Mount the Output (LH)
4.5 Reassembly of Bearing Supports
4.5.1 Reassembly of Rearside Bearing Support
4.5.2 Reassembly of Input-sided Bearing Support
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