This is Complete Operation And Maintenance Manual for Utilev UT80-100P DSL (8t-10t) Internal Combustion Counterbalanced Forklift Truck.

Your machine has been designed and built to the highest standards of quality. It conforms to all current safety regulations. However, the risk of accidents can never be completely excluded. That is why it is essential to observe elementary safety rules and precautions.

Please read this manual carefully, paying particular attention to the instructions concerning safety, operation and maintenance so as to avoid the risk of injury while operating or servicing the machine. Reading operating manual will help you and others avoid personal injury or damage to the machine. The information provided in this manual will provide the operator with the safest and most efficient way to use the machine. Knowing how to operate the machine safely and correctly will enable you to train others to operate the machine.


Use this Utilev UT80-100P DSL (8t-10t) Internal Combustion Counterbalanced Forklift Truck Operation And Maintenance manual as a guide, Your machine will remain a reliable working tool provided it is kept in good working condition and serviced properly.


Models Covered:

Utilev UT80-100P DSL (8t-10t) Internal Combustion Counterbalanced Forklift Truck


Manual Covers:

I. Precautions for Use
II. Main Parts and Components
1. Instruments
2. Controls and Switches
3. Other
III. Operating Rules
IV. Maintenance
1. Daily/Shift Maintenance (Every 8 Hours)
2. Weekly Maintenance (every 40 hours)
3. Monthly Maintenance (every 166 hours)
4. Six-Month Maintenance (every 1000 hours)
5. Annual Maintenance (every 2000 hours)
6. Other
V. Truck Structure and Stability
VI. Operation
VII. Storage
VIII. Maintenance
1. Regular Maintenance Schedule
2. Bolt and Screw Tightening Torque Table
3. Regular Replacement of Select Parts
4. Recommended Oils Table
5. Lubrication System Diagram
6. Labels and Signs: Various Signs and Labels are Attached to Different Parts of the Forklift
7. Serial Number Location
IX. Forklift Hoisting, Transport and Towing
X. Main Technical Specifications
XI. Operation and Maintenance of Lead-Acid Battery
XII. Operator Presence Sensing System (required in most markets)
XIII. Directives and Standards
XIV. Maintenance Records



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