This highly detailed repair manual covers all repairs and servicing. All technical details taken directly from the manufacturer can be found in this manual, It is the factory manual from the manufacturer. Still R70-60, R70-70, R70-80 Fork Truck Maintenance service repair manual is the same manual used by professional technicians, mechanics and workshops around the world.


Still R70-60, R70-70, R70-80 Fork Truck Maintenance service repair manual has easy to read text sections with top quality diagrams and instructions, will guide you through fundamentals of maintaining and repairing, step-by-step, to teach you what the factory trained technicians already know by heart. For that reason, you will not find it difficult to repair or to maintain some of the innovative features loaded on the vehicle when you have the manual. Using this repair manual is the true way to keep your vehicle working properly.



Models Covers:



Manual Covers:

A Foreword
About the maintenance manual
Maintenance manual, purpose
Maintenance manual, introduction
Function group itemisation
About machine version
Reading instructions
Warning information
Important information
Read the operator’s manual/maintenance manual
Optional equipment
About the documentation
Documentation sections
Ordering documentation
Forms for copying
B Safety
General safety information
Safety concerns everyone!
A near-accident is a warning signal!
Safety instructions
Clothing etc
Several mechanics on the same machine work under vehicles
Lifting heavy components
Fire and explosion risks
Fluid or gas under pressure
Air pollution
Tensioned springs
Electric motors
Rotating components and tools
Tyres and rims
Splinters from tools
C Preventive maintenance
50 hour check
Service schedule
Complete machine
Complete machine, description
Other equipment Open cab
Troubleshooting instructions, general
Troubleshooting, general work instructions
Troubleshooting without an error code, example
Troubleshooting cables
Troubleshooting hydraulic hoses
1 Engine
1.2 Fuel system
1.2.1 Fuel tank
1.2.2 Fuel filter
1.2.3 Fuel pre-filter
1.2.5 Injector
1.5 Engine mechanical parts
1.5.1 Cylinder head
1.6 Air intake and exhaust outlet
1.6.1 Air cleaning system
1.6.9 Crankcase ventilation filter
1.7 Cooling system
1.7.3 Radiator and expansion tank
1.7.4 Cooling fan
1.7.5 Oil cooler
1.7.6 Coolant
1.8 Lubrication system
1.8.3 Oil filter
2 Transmission
2.1 Controls and instruments
2.1.6 Travel direction selector
2.4 Hydraulic transmission
2.4.1 Transmission pump
2.4.2 Transmission motor
2.4.3 Oil filter
2.4.4 Speed sensor transmission motor
2.4.5 High pressure sensor
2.4.6 Proportional valve
2.4.7 Pipes and hoses
2.4.8 Sensor speed transmission pump
2.4.9 Clutch Bowex
2.7 Cooling system
3 Power transmission
3.3 Drive axle
3.3.1 Differential
3.3.2 Half shaft
3.3.3 Hub reduction
4 Brakes
4.1 Controls and instruments
4.1.1 Brake pedal
4.1.2 Switch, parking brake
4.1.3 Warning lamp, low brake pressure
4.1.4 Indicator lamp parking brake
4.3 Servo brake system
4.3.1 Pump for accumulator charging, flushing/cooling system brake and servo pressure control levers
4.3.2 High pressure filter
4.3.4 Accumulator
4.3.6 Distribution block
4.3.8 Interrupt switch, low brake pressure
4.3.9 Make-contact brake light
4.3.10 Wheel brakes
4.3.11 Pipes and hoses
4.3.12 Reduction valve/distribution block
4.3.13 Accumulator charge valve
4.3.15 Hydraulic soft inching/brake valve
4.5 Parking brake system
4.5.1 Pump for accumulator charging, flushing/cooling system brake and servo pressure control levers
4.5.2 High pressure filter
4.5.3 Parking brake valve
4.5.4 Parking brake unit
4.5.5 Make-contact parking brake
4.5.6 Pipes and hoses
4.5.7 Reduction valve/distribution block
4.5.8 Hand pump for mechanical release of parking brake
4.6 Speed retardation system
4.8 Temperature control, cleaning and hydraulic oil
4.8.1 Hydraulic oil tank
4.8.3 Pump for accumulator charging, flushing/cooling system brake and servo pressure control levers
4.8.4 Accumulator charge valve
4.8.5 Distribution block
4.8.6 Wheel brakes
4.8.12 High pressure filter
4.8.13 Pipes and hoses
5 Steering
5.1 Controls and instruments
5.1.1 Steering wheel and steering column assembly
5.2 Servo steering system
5.2.3 Steering valve
5.2.4 Steering cylinder
5.2.5 Steering axle cradle
5.2.6 Link arm
5.2.7 Wheel spindle
5.2.8 Wheel hub
5.2.13 Pressure reducing valve
5.2.14 Pressure limiting valve
5.2.17 Pipes and hoses
6 Wheel suspension
6.2 Suspension
6.2.1 Steering axle cradle
6.2.2 Steering spindle
6.2.3 Wheel hub
6.3 Tyres and rims
6.3.1 Tyres
6.3.2 Rim
6.3.3 Nut with washer
7 Load handling
7.1 Controls and instruments
7.2 Lift and lower
7.2.1 Hydraulic oil pump
7.2.2 Accumulator
7.2.3 Main valve
7.2.4 Lift cylinder
7.2.5 Accumulator, damping
7.2.6 Mast
7.2.7 Mast wheels
7.2.8 Chains
7.2.9 Chain wheels
7.2.10 Fork assembly
7.2.11 Lowering brake valve
7.2.12 Pipes and hoses
7.2.13 Reduction valve/distribution block
7.2.14 Support roller
7.2.15 Top support roller
7.4 Sideshift
7.4.1 Hydraulic oil pump
7.4.2 Accumulator
7.4.3 Main valve
7.4.4 Sideshift cylinder
7.4.5 Sideshift frame
7.4.6 Fork assembly
7.4.7 Pipes and hoses
7.7 Tilt
7.7.1 Hydraulic oil pump
7.7.2 Accumulator
7.7.3 Main valve
7.7.4 Load holding valve (over-center valve)
7.7.5 Tilt cylinder
7.7.6 Mast
7.7.7 Pipes and hoses
7.7.8 Reduction valve/distribution block
7.9 Securing load
7.9.1 Lifting forks
8 Control and monitoring system
9 Frame, body, cab and accessories
9.1 Controls and instruments
9.1.1 Multi-function lever
9.1.2 Switch, seat heating
9.1.4 Controls, heater
9.1.11 Switch, windscreen wiper, roof
9.1.12 Switch, windscreen wiper, rear
9.1.13 Switch, headlights
9.1.14 Switch, rotating warning light
9.1.15 Switch, warning light
9.1.18 Switch, working lights, cab roof
9.1.25 Indicator lamp, main beam
9.1.26 Indicator light travel direction indication
9.1.32 Switch, extra working lights
9.1.33 Switch fan
9.2 Safety and emergency equipment
9.2.2 Seat belt
9.2.3 Fire extinguisher
9.2.4 Seat buzzer
9.3 Operator’s seat
9.3.1 Seat cushion
9.3.2 Back rest cushion
9.3.3 Heating element
9.3.4 Shock absorber
9.3.5 Air suspension
9.3.6 Compressor, seat with air suspension
9.3.7 Mechanical seat adjustment
9.3.11 Arm rest
9.4 Heating and ventilation
9.4.2 Air nozzles
9.4.3 Cab fan
9.4.14 Air distributor
9.5 Wiping and cleaning of windows
9.5.1 Wiper, front
9.5.2 Dryer, roof
9.5.3 Wiper, rear
9.5.4 Washer motor and reservoir
9.5.5 Dryer motor, front
9.5.6 Dryer motor, roof
9.5.7 Dryer motor, rear
9.6 Lighting system
9.6.1 Headlights
9.6.2 Position light
9.6.3 Rear light
9.6.4 Brake light
9.6.5 Reversing light
9.6.6 Travel direction indicator
9.6.8 Rotating warning light
9.6.10 Working lights, cab
9.6.11 Interior lighting
9.6.14 Running lights
9.6.15 License plate bracket with lighting
9.7 Signal system
9.7.1 Horn
9.7.2 Warning light. Hazard
9.7.3 Rotating warning light
9.7.4 warning light, parking brake
9.8 Maintenance and communication
9.8.1 Radio with CD
9.8.7 voltage converter
9.9 Glass/windows/mirrors
9.9.1 Windscreen
9.9.2 Side window
9.9.3 Roof window
9.9.4 Rear window
9.9.5 Rear-view mirror
9.10 Construction and suspension of cab
9.10.1 Cab frame
9.10.2 Doors
9.10.4 Cab tipping
9.10.5 Doorstop
9.11 Cab interior equipment
9.11.1 Instruments and control panels
9.11.2 Interior parts, plastic
9.11.4 Floor covering
9.11.5 Insulation
9.12 Chassis
9.13 Body
9.13.1 Wings
9.13.2 Engine compartment cover
9.13.3 Footstep
9.13.4 Counterweights
9.13.5 Battery compartment
9.13.7 Mudguard
9.13.8 Tool kit
9.13.9 Lifting eyes
9.15 Paint/coating
9.15.1 Chassis
9.15.2 Cab
9.15.3 Lifting equipment
9.15.4 Other
10 Common hydraulics
10.3 Tanks and accumulator
10.3.2 Accumulator
10.6 Temperature control, cleaning and hydraulic oil
10.6.2 Hydraulic oil cooler
10.6.7 Breather filter hydraulic oil tank
10.6.8 High pressure filter/return filter
10.6.9 Hydraulic oil
11 Common electrical
11.1 Controls and instruments
11.1.1 Operating time gauge
11.1.2 warning lamp, battery charging
11.2 Safety
11.2.1 Battery disconnect switch
11.2.2 Fuses
11.2.3 Battery disconnect switch via start key
11.3 Batteries
11.3.1 Start battery
11.3.3 Auxiliary start outlet
11.4 Alternator
11.4.1 Alternator
11.5 Electrical distribution
11.5.1 Power supply
11.5.2 Electrical distribution box
11.5.4 Operation, electrical system
11.5.5 Cables
12 Common pneumatics
D Error codes
E Diagram
F Technical data
G Terminology and Index

More Theres——–


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