This highly detailed digital repair manual covers all repairs, servicing and troubleshooting procedures. All technical details taken directly from the manufacturer can be found in this manual. Linde Electric Forklift Truck 387 Series: E20, E25, E30, E35 Service Repair Manual is the same manual used by professional technicians, mechanics and workshops around the world

Linde Electric Forklift Truck 387 Series: E20, E25, E30, E35 Service Repair Manual has easy-to-read text sections with top quality diagrams and instructions, will guide you through fundamentals of maintaining and repairing, step-by-step, to teach you what the factory trained technicians already know by heart, Using this repair manual is an inexpensive way to keep your vehicle working properly.



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Manual Covers:

0. Product information
Technical data
Type overview
Serial numbers
Inspection and maintenance
Service overview
Activities within scope of service
Operating materials
Lubricants and operating materials
Tightening torques
Tightening torques for standard pitch threads
Tightening torques for fine pitch threads
Tightening torques for units
Special tools
Special tools and measuring instruments
Software update for Canbox
Log files
Code lists
Error code display
Driving codes
Working hydraulics codes
Traction power module codes
Working hydraulics power module codes
Codes display
Battery charger codes
1. Motor
Drive axle
Drive axle plug positions
Spring elements
Planetary transmission breather
Axle housing checking screw
Special tools, drive axle
Removingthe drive axle
Dismantling the drive axle
Install the drive axle
Traction motor
Technical data
Changing bearings and shaft seal
Motor testing
Visual inspection
Traction motor winding test
Rotor testing
Motor connection
Power module connections
Cleaning the motor – drive axle
Rev sensor
Drive axle temperature sensor
Forced ventilation
Changing the fan
2. Drive wheel unit
Planetary transmission
Functional description
Changing the shaft seal
Planetary transmission Checking the oil level
Changing the oil in the planetary transmission
3. Chassis, bodywork and fittings
Chassis design
Locking bolt setting
Front panellings
Rear panelling
Driver’s seat
Changing the seat switch and switch plate
4. Chassis frame
Steering system
Functional description
Steering actuation
Steering column
Steering control valve
Combined axle
Functional description
Removing the combined axle
Removing the steering cylinder and tie rod
Changing the steering cylinder seals
Installing the steering cylinder and tie rod
Exchanging the tapered roller bearing and wiper of the axle beam casing
Exchanging the tapered roller bearing and shaft seal on the axle stub
Installing the combined axle
Adjusting the steering lock
Steering angle sensor
Steering angle sensor 3B1
Changing the steering angle sensor
5. Operating devices
Stop screws
Brake system
Electric brake
Functional description
Stop pedal sensor
Hydraulic service brake
Functional description
Brake valve
Brake valve purge function
Joystick configurations
Joystick variants
Joystick interlock
Functional description
6. Electrics / Electronics
Safety instructions for electrical equipment
Cleaning the electrical system
Insulation testing
EMC- Electromagnetic compatibility
CAN bus
Electrostatic charging
Functional overview
Basic truck plug positions
Armrest plug
Power modules
Pin assignment
Electrical components contactor carrier
Contactor carrier
Central negative point X31
Central positive point X30
Emergency off switch
Voltage transformer
Current sensor
Main current fuses
Control current fuses
Fuses (special equipment)
Main contactor
Battery plug connector
Special equipment adaptor connector 9X15/9X16/9X17
Truck control unit
Truck control unit overview
Truck control unit pin assignment
Power supply
Powersupply of external components
Enable signal
Accelerator 1A4
Single-pedal drive direction switch, 1S13
Parking brake switch 1 S2
Activating the brake valve magnets
Stop pedal sensor 1 B4
Steering angle sensor
Truck coding
Relay drivers for driving
Output signals
Valve activation
Accumulator charging valve
Tilt angle sensor
Steering column sensor
Fan control
Rear cover monitoring sensor
Display unit
First version
Display unit overview
Second version
Display unit overview
Display unit, general
Hour meter
Service interval indicator
Remaining travel time display
Speed indicator
Steering angle display
Lift mast symbol
Seat belt not fastened
Parking brake symbol
Discharge indicator
Warning lights
Internal hour meter
Connector plug
Changing the display unit
7. Hydraulics
Contamination in the hydraulic system
Adjusting the auxiliary hydraulics
Pump unit
Pump unit functional description
Technical data
Pump motor terminal board
Pump motor temperature sensor
Pump motor power module
Changing bearings and shaft seal
Hydraulic pump
Priority valve
Pump unit fan
Control valve
Functional description
Adjusting pressure relief valve
Valve coils
Emergency lowering screw Lower
Adjusting the maximum lifting and lowering speed
Hydraulic components
Pressure sensors
High-pressure filter
Hydraulic tank
Tilt cylinder
Removingthe tilt cylinder
Sealing the tilt cylinder
Installing the tilt cylinder
8. Load lift system
Lift mast
Lift mast overview
Lift cylinder connection
SCHAFERHydraulic plug system
Removingthe lift mast
Lift mast chains
Adjust lift mast chain
End position damping
Line break safety device
Sealing the lift cylinder
Roller play
Tilt angle sensor
Functional description
Calibrating the tilt angle sensor
Backwards tilt angle
9. Special equipment, accessories
Components of special electrical equipment
Voltage transformer
Wiring harness of voltage transformer
Relay box
Relay box plug holder
Relay slots
Potential dividers
Switches (special equipment)
Multifunction switch
Front headlights
Rear lights – standard lighting
Rear lights -high lighting
Wiring harness for standard lighting
High lighting wiring harness
Wiring harness for interior light / terminal board light
Working spotlights
Working spotlight wiring harness positions 3/4 and 7/8
Working spotlight wiring harness position 1/2
Working spotlight wiring harness position 5/6
Integrated charger
Periodic testing
Safety information, battery and battery charger
Testing the battery charger
Requirements for “qualified individuals”
Inspection procedure
Visual inspection
Evaluation and documentation
Functional description
Battery charger, general
Charging times
Battery charger wiring harness
Plug pin assignment 9X2
Battery temperature sensor
Equalising und maintenance charges
Charging characteristic curves
Assignment of charging characteristic curves
Charging characteristic curves
Auxiliary components
Electrolyte circulation
Charging at the rear
Active charging ventilation unit
Wiring harness for active charging ventilation unit
Hydraulic battery carrier
Battery carrier
Battery carrier wiring harness
Washer system
Windscreen wiper module 9N80
Wiring harness for washer system
Warning signals
Wiring harness for rotating beacon, flashing beacon via key switch
Switchable reversing signals wiring harness
Heating system
Electric heating
Heating system wiring harness
Wiring harness for seat heater
Linde Forklift Data Management
Linde Forklift Data Managementwiring harness up to H2X387B00808
12V wiring harness socket
Radio wiring harness
Truck control unit special functions
Plug special functions
Reduced driving speed
Wiring harness for traction speed reduction 2
Reduced operating speed
Lift mast positioning
Lift height restriction
Working hydraulics
Third auxiliary hydraulic system
Depressurisation wiring harness
10. Circuit diagrams
Wiring diagrams
Basic equipment sheet 01
Basic equipment sheet 02
Special equipment sheet 01 voltage transformer/heating system
Special equipment sheet 02 screen heating, rear window wiper/front windscreen wiper/roof panel wiper
Special equipment sheet 03 voltage transformer/socket/radio/seat heater ….
Special equipment sheet 04 standard lighting
Special equipment sheet 05 higher lighting
Special equipment sheet 06 working spotlight/rotating beacon/flashing beacon/BlueSpot/switchable reversing signal
Special equipment sheet 07 hazard warning lights for reverse travel
Special equipment sheet 08 Linde Forklift Data Managementwith load sensor/GPRS unit
Special equipment sheet 09 depressurisation/mast positioning/3rd auxiliary hydraulics
Special equipment sheet 10 battery carrier
Special equipment sheet 11 integrated charger
Special equipment sheet 12 rear battery charger
Hydraulic circuit diagrams
Hydraulic circuit diagram for basic truck -Lateral battery carrier (special equipment)

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Language: English
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Q. Can I use this Manual on more than one computer?
A. Yes, this Manual can be used on as many computers as required.

Q. Can I print out a page?
A. Yes you can print out a single page or the entire manual, its your choice.

Q. Is this a trial or a limited version?
A. No, this is the FULL Manual without any limitations or trial periods and can be used for life.

Q. Will this PDF Manual work on Windows & MAC computers?
A. Yes, it is fully compatible with all Windows & All MAC Computers.



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