This is Complete Operator’s Manual for Gehl RT175, RT210, RT250 Compact Track Loader.

Your machine has been designed and built to the highest standards of quality. It conforms to all current safety regulations. However, the risk of accidents can never be completely excluded. That is why it is essential to observe elementary safety rules and precautions.

Please read this manual carefully, paying particular attention to the instructions concerning safety, operation and maintenance so as to avoid the risk of injury while operating or servicing the machine. Reading operating manual will help you and others avoid personal injury or damage to the machine. The information provided in this manual will provide the operator with the safest and most efficient way to use the machine. Knowing how to operate the machine safely and correctly will enable you to train others to operate the machine.


Use this Gehl RT175, RT210, RT250 Compact Track Loader operator’s manual as a guide, Your machine will remain a reliable working tool provided it is kept in good working condition and serviced properly.


Models Covered:

Tier 4i – Serial Numbers 10721 and Up

Tier 4i – Serial Numbers 21041 and Up



Manual Covers:

Delivery Checklists.
Safety Symbol
Contents and Use of this Manual
Safety Symbol and Signal Words
Safety Alert Symbol
Signal Words
Machine Orientation
Proper Machine Use
Service and Registration
Machine Model and Serial Numbers
Component Serial Numbers
Component Identification
Fields of Application
Using Attachments
Vibration Information
Vibration Measurement and Actions
Vibration Levels
Fire Extinguisher
Manufacturer Information
Indicator and Operation Symbols..
Safety Symbol and Signal Words..
Safety Alert Symbol
Signal Words
Mandatory Safety Shutdown Procedure.
Before Starting
During Operation
Applications with Load-Handling Devices
Parking the Machine
Electrical Energy
Maintenance and Service Safety Practices..
Battery Hazards
Fire Hazards
Additional Safety Equipment
Crystalline Silica Exposure
Transporting the Machine
Lifting the Machine with a Crane
Loading and Transporting the Machine..
Safety Decals
New Decal Application
ANSI-Style Safety Decals
ISO-Style Safety Decals
Fluids/Lubricants Types and Capacities.
Track Drive
Coolant Compound Table
Hydraulic System
Drive Hydraulics
Forces and Cycle Times
Electrical System
Sound Power/Pressure Levels
Vibration Levels
Standard Features
Optional Features
Common Materials and Densities.
Multi-Function Display
Multi-Function Display Screens
Screen Access
Status, Maintenance and Error Code Screens
Configuration Screens
Audible Alerts
Control Joysticks
Joystick Tilt Function ISO/D-H Control Patterns
Activating D-H Control Pattern Option
Deactivating D-H Control Pattern Option
Left Joystick Functions
Right Joystick Functions
Joystick Buttons/Switch Functions
Joystick Control Sensitivity
Configuring Control Sensitivity
Parking Brake/Work Hydraulics Lock-out
Cab Heat and Air Conditioning (Option)
Operator’s Seat
Seat Forward and Back Horizontal Adjustment
Seat Height Vertical Height/Weight Suspension Adjustment
Air Suspension
Mechanical Suspension
Seat Belt
Fastening/Unfastening the Seat Belt
Throttle Controls
Travel Controls
Travel Speed Range Selection
Travel Speed Limit (Option)
Activating Travel Speed Limit Option
Deactivating Travel Speed Limit Option
Travel Speed Limit Option Operation
Lift Arm Float Button
Hydraglide Button (Option)
Work Lights
Work Lights
Battery Disconnect Switch (Option)
Windshield Wipers/Washer
Wiper/Washer Control
Washer Fluid Reservoir
Operational Checks
Pre-Start Checks
Checks During Operation
Parking Checks
Before Operation
Cab Entry and Exit
Opening/Closing the Cab Door (Option)
Seat Adjustment
Seat Belt
Parking Brake
Disengage Parking Brake
Starting the Engine
After Starting
Warm Up
Run-In Period
Stopping the Engine
After Operation
Travel Drive Operation
ISO Pattern Travel Drive Controls
D-H Pattern Travel Drive Controls (Option)
Rubber Track Use Cautions and Tips
Travel Drive Error Condition Operation (Limp Mode)
Alternate Transport Mode Activation
Alternate Transport Mode Cancel
Backup Alarm
Lift Arm Operation
Attachment Transport Position
Joystick Control Patterns
ISO Pattern Lift Arm Operation Controls
D-H Pattern Lift Arm Operation Controls (Option)
Self-Leveling Cancel (Option)
Lift Arm Float
Hydraglide Ride Control System (Option)
Hydraulics Control Lock
Lift Arm Support
Engage Lift Arm Support
Disengage Lift Arm Support
Connecting/Disconnecting Attachments.
Connecting Attachments
Disconnecting Attachments
Powering Attachments with Hydraulic Function
Connecting Hydraulic Attachments to the Auxiliary Hydraulic Circuits
Disconnecting Hydraulic Attachments from the Auxiliary Hydraulics Circuit
Auxiliary Hydraulics Operation
Standard-Flow Auxiliary Hydraulics Control
High-Flow Auxiliary Hydraulics Control (Option)
Working with Buckets
Digging Tips
Safety Instructions When Working with Buckets
Working with Standard Buckets
Tips When Loading Trucks
Grading without Float
Grading Using Float
Working with Pallet Forks
Safety Instructions When Working with Pallet Forks
Transporting Loads Using Pallet Forks
Loading Pallet Forks
Lifting Loads Using Pallet Forks
Transporting Load Using Pallet Forks
Setting Down Loads Using Pallet Forks
Lifting the Machine using a Crane
Crane Lifting Preparation
Loading and Transporting the Machine on a Transport Vehicle
Loading and Securing the Machine
Storage Box
Maintenance Schedule
Checks, Cleaning and Inspection
Leakage Check
Lubrication and Filter Changes
Functional Check
Maintenance Interval
Engine Maintenance
Engine Access
Closing Engine Covers
Engine Oil
Checking Engine Oil Level
Changing Engine Oil and Filter
Engine Air Filters
Changing Air Filter Elements
Engine Cooling System
Checking Coolant Level
Cleaning Radiator Fins
Draining/Refilling Cooling System
V-Belt Maintenance
Checking and Adjusting V-belt Tension..
Air Conditioning V-Belt
Fuel System Maintenance
Adding Fuel
Water Separator Inspection/Maintenance
Changing Fuel Filter
Hydraulic System Maintenance
Checking Hydraulic Oil Level
Changing Hydraulic Oil and Filter
Hydraulic Hose Maintenance
Travel Motor Maintenance
Travel Motor Gearbox Oil
Track Maintenance
Track Replacement
General Lubrication
Electrical System
Using a Booster Battery (Jump-Starting)
Fuses and Relays
Engine Compartment Fuses/Relays
Fuses Under ROPS/FOPS
Control Modules
Multi-function Control Module
Drive, Lift Arm and Standard Auxiliary Flow Control Module
Engine Control Module (ECU)
Main/Drive Control Module
Long-Term Storage
Before Storage
After Storage
Air Conditioning Maintenance
Air Conditioning Filters
Cab Air Filter
Outside Air Intake Filter
Windshield Washer Reservoir
Final Shutdown / Decommissioning
Before Disposal
Machine Disposal
Maintenance Log
Engine Troubleshooting
Indicator Lamp Troubleshooting
Seal and Hose Troubleshooting
Hydraulic System Troubleshooting
Hydrostatic Travel Drive System Troubleshooting
Electrical Troubleshooting
Miscellaneous Troubleshooting
Error Codes
Controller Communication Error Codes
Engine Error Codes
Drive and Valve Error Codes
Engine/Starting and Charging
Engine Sensors
Engine ECU
Power Distribution (Later Machines)
Power Distribution (Early Machines)
I/O Controller (Later Machines)
I/O Controller (Early Machines)
Solenoid Control – A (Later Machines)
Solenoid Control – A (Early Machines)
Solenoid Control – B
Operator/Drive Controls
High-Flow/Self-Level/Power-A-Tach Quick Attach System (Later Machines)
High-Flow/Self-Level/Power-A-Tach Quick Attach System (Early Machines)
Track Tension/Lighting Control
Wipers/Washer Pumps
Work Lights
Auxiliary Power/Dome Light/Radio
Operator CAN Interface
Hydraulic Schematic
EC Declaration of Conformity
Torque Specifications


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