This highly detailed repair manual covers all repairs and servicing. All technical details taken directly from the manufacturer can be found in this manual, It is the factory manual from the manufacturer. Case F4CE9484 / F4CE9487A / F4CE9487N / F4CE9684 / F4DE9484 / F4DE9684B*J111 / F4DE9684M*J101 / F4DE9684M*J103 / F4DE9684 / F4DE9687 / F4GE9484C*J601 / F4GE9484 / F4GE9684 / F4HE0484G*J102 / F4HE0484G*J109 / F4HE9484C*J102 / F4HE9484C*J103 / F4HE9484 / F4HE9684 / F4HE9687G*J100 / F4HE9687 NEF Tier 3 Engine service repair manual is the same manual used by professional technicians, mechanics and workshops around the world.

Case F4CE9484 / F4CE9487A / F4CE9487N / F4CE9684 / F4DE9484 / F4DE9684B*J111 / F4DE9684M*J101 / F4DE9684M*J103 / F4DE9684 / F4DE9687 / F4GE9484C*J601 / F4GE9484 / F4GE9684 / F4HE0484G*J102 / F4HE0484G*J109 / F4HE9484C*J102 / F4HE9484C*J103 / F4HE9484 / F4HE9684 / F4HE9687G*J100 / F4HE9687 NEF Tier 3 Engine service repair manual has easy to read text sections with top quality diagrams and instructions, will guide you through fundamentals of maintaining and repairing, step-by-step, to teach you what the factory trained technicians already know by heart. For that reason, you will not find it difficult to repair or to maintain some of the innovative features loaded on the vehicle when you have the manual. Using this repair manual is the true way to keep your vehicle working properly.


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Models Cover:

Mechanical fuel injection / Structural engine block
F4CE9454H*J601 F4CE9484J*J602 F4CE9484M*J603 F4CE9487M*J605 F4CE9684J*J601
F4CE9454H*J605 F4CE9484J*J604 F4CE9484M*J606 F4CE9487N*J601 F4CE9684J*J606
F4CE9484A*J600 F4CE9484L*J600 F4CE9484M*J607 F4CE9487N*J602 F4CE9684J*J607
F4CE9484A*J602 F4CE9484L*J602 F4CE9484M*J608 F4CE9487N*J603 F4CE9684J*J609
F4CE9484C*J600 F4CE9484L*J603 F4CE9484N*J601 F4CE9487N*J605 F4CE9684K*J601
F4CE9484C*J601 F4CE9484L*J604 F4CE9484N*J604 F4CE9487N*J606 F4CE9684K*J606
F4CE9484G*J600 F4CE9484L*J605 F4CE9487A*J600 F4CE9684B*J600 F4CE9684K*J607
F4CE9484G*J604 F4CE9484L*J606 F4CE9487A*J601 F4CE9684C*J600 F4CE9684K*J608
F4CE9484G*J607 F4CE9484M*J601 F4CE9487M*J602 F4CE9684H*J603 F4CE9684L*J600
F4CE9484G*J608 F4CE9484M*J602 F4CE9487M*J603 F4CE9684H*J604 F4CE9684L*J605

Mechanical fuel injection / Non-structural engine block
F4GE9454C*J601 F4GE9484C*J603 F4GE9484F*J615 F4GE9684C*J602 F4GE9684F*J604
F4GE9454C*J602 F4GE9484C*J605 F4GE9484H*J600 F4GE9684D*J600 F4GE9684G*J600
F4GE9454C*J607 F4GE9484C*J606 F4GE9484J*J600 F4GE9684D*J603 F4GE9684G*J601
F4GE9454C*J608 F4GE9484C*J607 F4GE9484J*J601 F4GE9684D*J604 F4GE9684G*J602
F4GE9454J*J605 F4GE9484D*J600 F4GE9484J*J603 F4GE9684E*J600 F4GE9684G*J603
F4GE9454J*J607 F4GE9484D*J603 F4GE9484J*J604 F4GE9684E*J601 F4GE9684G*J605
F4GE9454K*J602 F4GE9484D*J606 F4GE9484J*J605 F4GE9684E*J603 F4GE9684G*J606
F4GE9454K*J604 F4GE9484D*J607 F4GE9484P*J600 F4GE9684E*J604 F4GE9684H*J600
F4GE9454K*J605 F4GE9484D*J617 F4GE9484P*J601 F4GE9684E*J605 F4GE9684H*J601
F4GE9484A*J602 F4GE9484D*J618 F4GE9684A*J603 F4GE9684E*J606 F4GE9684R*J600
F4GE9484A*J605 F4GE9484D*J619 F4GE9684A*J605 F4GE9684E*J607 F4GE9684R*J601
F4GE9484A*J607 F4GE9484D*J620 F4GE9684B*J601 F4GE9684E*J610 F4GE9684R*J602
F4GE9484A*J608 F4GE9484E*J600 F4GE9684B*J602 F4GE9684E*J611 F4GE9684R*J603
F4GE9484A*J610 F4GE9484E*J601 F4GE9684B*J604 F4GE9684E*J612 F4GE9684R*J605
F4GE9484A*J611 F4GE9484E*J602 F4GE9684B*J605 F4GE9684E*J613 F4GE9684R*J606
F4GE9484A*J612 F4GE9484E*J603 F4GE9684B*J606 F4GE9684E*J615
F4GE9484C*J600 F4GE9484F*J600 F4GE9684B*J607 F4GE9684F*J600
F4GE9484C*J601 F4GE9484F*J610 F4GE9684C*J600 F4GE9684F*J602
F4GE9484C*J602 F4GE9484F*J614 F4GE9684C*J601 F4GE9684F*J603

Electronic fuel injection / Structural engine block
F4DE0484B*J100 F4DE9684B*J100 F4DE9684J*J101 F4DE9684R*J103 F4DE9687J*J104
F4DE0484C*J100 F4DE9684B*J101 F4DE9684J*J102 F4DE9684R*J104 F4DE9687R*J101
F4DE9484A*J100 F4DE9684B*J102 F4DE9684J*J104 F4DE9684R*J105 F4DE9687U*J100
F4DE9484A*J103 F4DE9684B*J104 F4DE9684J*J105 F4DE9684S*J100 F4DE9687U*J102
F4DE9484A*J104 F4DE9684B*J106 F4DE9684L*J100 F4DE9684S*J103 F4DE9687V*J100
F4DE9484B*J101 F4DE9684B*J107 F4DE9684L*J103 F4DE9684S*J106 F4DE9687V*J101
F4DE9484D*J101 F4DE9684B*J108 F4DE9684L*J106 F4DE9684S*J107 F4DE9687V*J104
F4DE9484E*J100 F4DE9684B*J109 F4DE9684L*J107 F4DE9684U*J100 F4DE9687X*J100
F4DE9484F*J100 F4DE9684B*J110 F4DE9684L*J108 F4DE9684Y*J100 F4DE9687X*J101
F4DE9484F*J101 F4DE9684B*J111 F4DE9684L*J109 F4DE9684Y*J101 F4DE9687X*J102
F4DE9484G*J100 F4DE9684C*J100 F4DE9684M*J100 F4DE9684Y*J102 F4DE9687X*J103
F4DE9484H*J100 F4DE9684D*J100 F4DE9684M*J101 F4DE9684Z*J102 F4DE9687X*J104
F4DE9487A*J103 F4DE9684E*J100 F4DE9684M*J103 F4DE9687A*J100 F4DE9687X*J105
F4DE9487A*J104 F4DE9684F*J100 F4DE9684N*J100 F4DE9687A*J103 F4DE9687X*J106
F4DE9487B*J100 F4DE9684F*J102 F4DE9684N*J104 F4DE9687A*J104 F4DE9687Y*J100
F4DE9487B*J101 F4DE9684G*J100 F4DE9684N*J107 F4DE9687C*J100 F4DE9687Y*J101
F4DE9487C*J100 F4DE9684G*J101 F4DE9684N*J108 F4DE9687J*J100 F4DE9687Y*J102
F4DE9487D*J101 F4DE9684H*J100 F4DE9684R*J100 F4DE9687J*J101
F4DE9487L*J100 F4DE9684J*J100 F4DE9684R*J102 F4DE9687J*J102

Electronic fuel injection / Non-structural engine block
F4HE0454D*J102 F4HE9484F*J105 F4HE9684E*J104 F4HE9684S*J102 F4HE9687L*J100
F4HE0454D*J104 F4HE9484F*J106 F4HE9684E*J106 F4HE9684S*J103 F4HE9687L*J101
F4HE0484A*J101 F4HE9484M*J100 F4HE9684E*J107 F4HE9684T*J100 F4HE9687M*J101
F4HE0484A*J103 F4HE9484M*J101 F4HE9684F*J100 F4HE9684T*J101 F4HE9687M*J103
F4HE0484G*J100 F4HE9684B*J100 F4HE9684F*J102 F4HE9684U*J101 F4HE9687M*J104
F4HE0484G*J101 F4HE9684B*J101 F4HE9684F*J103 F4HE9684U*J103 F4HE9687M*J105
F4HE0484G*J102 F4HE9684B*J103 F4HE9684F*J104 F4HE9684V*J102 F4HE9687N*J101
F4HE0484G*J103 F4HE9684B*J104 F4HE9684F*J105 F4HE9684V*J103 F4HE9687N*J103
F4HE0484G*J105 F4HE9684C*J100 F4HE9684F*J107 F4HE9687C*J100 F4HE9687N*J104
F4HE0484G*J106 F4HE9684C*J101 F4HE9684F*J108 F4HE9687C*J101 F4HE9687P*J101
F4HE0484G*J108 F4HE9684C*J102 F4HE9684F*J109 F4HE9687C*J103 F4HE9687Q*J101
F4HE0484G*J109 F4HE9684C*J104 F4HE9684J*J100 F4HE9687F*J100 F4HE9687Q*J103
F4HE0484G*J110 F4HE9684C*J105 F4HE9684J*J101 F4HE9687F*J101 F4HE9687S*J101
F4HE0684T*J100 F4HE9684C*J106 F4HE9684J*J102 F4HE9687G*J100 F4HE9687S*J103
F4HE0684T*J101 F4HE9684D*J100 F4HE9684J*J104 F4HE9687G*J101 F4HE9687S*J104
F4HE0684T*J103 F4HE9684D*J101 F4HE9684J*J106 F4HE9687G*J102 F4HE9687S*J105
F4HE9484C*J100 F4HE9684D*J102 F4HE9684K*J100 F4HE9687G*J104 F4HE9687T*J101
F4HE9484C*J102 F4HE9684D*J103 F4HE9684K*J102 F4HE9687H*J100 F4HE9687T*J103
F4HE9484C*J103 F4HE9684D*J105 F4HE9684L*J101 F4HE9687H*J101 F4HE9687T*J104
F4HE9484C*J104 F4HE9684D*J106 F4HE9684L*J102 F4HE9687H*J102 F4HE9687W*J100
F4HE9484C*J105 F4HE9684D*J107 F4HE9684M*J100 F4HE9687H*J103 F4HE9687W*J101
F4HE9484C*J106 F4HE9684D*J109 F4HE9684M*J101 F4HE9687K*J100 F4HE9687W*J102
F4HE9484C*J107 F4HE9684E*J100 F4HE9684P*J102 F4HE9687K*J101 F4HE9687Z*J100
F4HE9484C*J108 F4HE9684E*J101 F4HE9684P*J103 F4HE9687K*J102 F4HE9687Z*J101
F4HE9484F*J103 F4HE9684E*J102 F4HE9684S*J100 F4HE9687K*J103
F4HE9484F*J104 F4HE9684E*J103 F4HE9684S*J101 F4HE9687K*J105


Manual Covers:

Electrical systems



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